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Cryogenic valves are designed to be used not only in cold, but also in critical applications. They are thus most popularly used in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) applications.

Moreover, some gasses aren’t labeled “cryogenic” because of their temperature, but rather because they take more than just an increase in pressure to compress their volume.
Cryogenic valves are built to help transport and store such cryogenic gasses safely and efficiently.

Typically this kind of valves are ball valves kept in a natural closed position to keep cryogenic gasses secure and safely contained. The are designed in order to react to high pressure which pushes the valve into the open position to allow the gas to quickly flow through.

Valvometal carefully select the materials and the relative sub-suppliers to guarantee this functioning not only for the main components design, but also in the metal seat bubble-tight design to prevent any leaking.
(in the pictures, please see the last delivered in the last month)

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