Monday, August 7, 2017 | Products

Valvometal successfully delivered 36” ball valves to WEPCO for El-Hamra terminal project near Alexandria.

On the same plant the year before were already successfully installed 36” gate valves which are now running in the plant.

El-Hamra is one of the main port in Egypt. The installation of the 36” offshore pipeline was hadled by ENPPI to tie-in with the existing onshore facility at El-Hamra terminal.

The new pipeline is capable to handle the transportation of 1,000,000 SBPD and i twill extend for 500 m from El-Hamra onshore facilities till the coastal line, then extends off shore for 8500 m toward the tie-in point with the new SPM site located approximately 23 m deep underwater.

The new pipeline is supposed to load/offload oil between El-Hamra tanks and tankers. The installation of the new 36” pipeline starts from the tie-in to the main line of the discharge pumps, located inside the WEPCO onshore plant, some 500m far from the shore line till the tie-in with the new SPM.

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