Valvometal adheres to a quality program in accordance to ISO 9001 and API Q1.

System Certifications
  • according to API Q1 9th Edition – 2013
Product Licenses
Product Qualifications
  • Fire Safe Certifications according to API 607/API 6FA (available upon request)
  • Fugitive Emission Certifications according to ISO 15848-1 (available upon request)

Quality Assurance

Valvometal complies with a quality
program in accordance to ISO 9001 and API Q1
  • Material identification and material traceability are standard elements of the manufacturing program
  • Only superior quality materials from qualified suppliers are procured according to the main international standards and client specifications
  • Valves are fully tested according to main standards and specifications
  • The credentials of each and every facility, as a manufacturer of high quality valves, are respected in the industries which it serves

Our quality program is continuously subjected to review and audit by internal QA personnel and by independent authorities to assure the highest level of engineering design control, contract management and production control, with the aim to fully satisfy customers specific requisitions.

Valvometal makes quality a priority.  Following strictly enforced auditing by both qualified  internal QA personnel and by independent authorities, Valvometal aims at client satisfaction. Focusing on the specific requirements of their clients, Valvometal strives to assure the highest level of

  • engineering design control
  • contract management
  • production control
Testing & Inspection

We make valves according to the main
international standard.

This mean we guarantee:

Destructive Test

Raw materials come from qualified suppliers that can guarantee through 3.1 and 3.2 certification:
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Mechanical Tests
  • Micrographic examinations
  • Macrographic examinations
  • Corrosion tests
  • Other

Non-destructive Test

Our qualified personnel at level II & III according to ISO 9712/SNT-TC-1A can perform:
  • Visual & Dimensional examinations (VT)
  • Dye Penetrant Examinations (PT)
  • Magnetic Particle Examinations (MT)
  • Ultrasonic Examinations (UT)
  • Radiographic Examinations (RT)*
  • Positive Material Examinations (PMI)


Valve Test

Our valves are tested according to the main standards:
  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic test
  • High pressure gas test
  • Fugitive emission test
  • Cryogenic test*


Final Inspection

We take care of the valve till the end:
  • Final dimensional check of assembled valve
  • Final Marking & Tagging Check
  • Paint thickness check
  • Final Packing Examination